Advanced Aug - Sep 16

Level 4 - Intermediate / Advanced 

Week 7 (10.10.16)

Continuing on the theme of 'Creating the Unexpected'  we built on Week 6 move  - ending it with Sacadas from Forward Ochos.

Week 6 (3.10.16)

Continuing on the theme of 'Creating the Unexpected'  we built on Version 1 Change of Direction move introduced in Week 5 - adding to it Sacadas and a Castigada.

You can find the definition of Castigada here.

Week 5 (26.9.16)

Understanding the Grammar of Change of Direction - It's not what you expected.

We explored the true meaning of Change of Direction and introduced two combinations that create the unexpected. This is the theme for the next 4 weeks - Exploring the potential of moves and keeping the dance interesting with the unexpected changes!

Week 4 (19.9.16)

Milonga Traspie:

We reviewed moves  from Week 3 and focused on musical phrasing.

We studied the following milongas and noted that in some the phrasing was very punctuated and with others it was much more subtle. We then explored how that would affect the dancing of each song.

Week 3 (12.9.16)

Milonga Traspie: 

We reviewed the walking turn step and added rebote steps.

No video to show

Weeks 1 - 2 

Milonga Traspie: Improvised Display using moves from Weeks 1 and 2

Milonga Traspie Exercise with Square Step