"Just want to say thank you for choreographing our wedding dances. The evening turned out just perfect! Everyone was surprised that we could not only dance but dance so well." - Sharon and Henry Ma, Dec 2017

"I highly recommend So Tango for those interested in learning Argentinian Tango. Sophia and Paul create a great environment to learn this amazing dance and they will have you ready for your first ‘Milonga’ within a couple of months!" - John Balass, June 2017

"SoTango is one of a kind because it's more than a dance. It's a chance to free your spirit so you can direct your life with passion and live totally in the moment. That's all we have." - Robert Kirby, international life coach and facilitator, May 2017

"Sebastien, my partner, is one of those guys who cringes at dancing in public and yet we've been doing tango for over 6 months now and both of us very much look forward to our next lesson! The pace that Sophia and Paul set in the group lessons is gentle and easy to get into. They make sure you understand the steps, stances and balance so that you can easily practice after the class as well as at home. Furthermore, when you buy a whole course, you get access to instructional videos as well as their music library to help get you in the mood. Overall, great quality at a very decent price and most of all great fun!!!!" - Segolene Nicoloff, Hospitality Consultant, May 2017

"If you've never danced tango...you've gotta! Richard and I love our weekly dance lesson with Sophia and Paul. We have nearly completed level 2 and we can hardly believe how much we've learnt. Today...SoTango, tomorrow...Buenos Aires!The classes are relaxed and fun and it's such a cheeky, sexy, cool dance. Sophia and Paul teach with humour and care and expertise." - Kristine Apitz and Richard Cruickshank, May 2017

"After about a year of being with So Tango I’d like to express my delight with the overall experience from the vibrant atmosphere to a joyful dancing to a sense of community. Sophia and Paul are not only fantastic dancers, they are naturally gifted teachers! Learning tango with them (from the beginners to the advance course) and dancing at milongas helped me with balance, posture, flexibility and vitality. Join So Tango classes and share the magic experience!" - Dubravka Cecez-Kecmanovic, Professor, Information Technology, May 2017

"My partner and I really look forward to our weekly tango lessons. We are not only dancing, but also learning about the basics of tango -correct posture and proper technique. Sophia and Paul are wonderful teachers! They spend time with each student in the class, correcting but also complimenting. Always looking forward to the next lesson!" - Silvia Sklavounos, May 2017

"We have taken private beginner lessons from Sophia. We were ABSOLUTE beginners in Tango. My partner had some clue about salsa and that was it. Actually all my life dancing was something I kept myself away - basically I just didn't like it, also I was really useless at it...NOW...at the end of the ten lessons we had with Sophia what a mentality & coordination improvement I had!..Sophia is sooo passionate about her teaching and she gives so much attention to detail and also very very patient. She also explains in detail the whole philosophy and theory of Tango which is very important. We have been to their studio in Bondi too where we have met her partner Paul too who is an excellent teacher too. An amazing one month we had with SoTango which made us addicted Tango beginners!" - Barlas Balabaneer, Turkey, Mar 2017

" Fun, friendly, professional, graceful, social and filled with laughter, thoughtfulness and inspiration. Sophia is a wonderful teacher and I'm loving the start of my journey in tango! I'll definitely be continuing! Thank you to those at SoTango." - Natasha Younger, Nov 2016

"I really recommend SoTango - Sydney beginner's class....so much fun; great company; and Sophia de Lautour and Paul J Warren are great teachers. "If you can walk, you can Tango". Some call it a walking meditation...Check it out!" - Hans Zerr, Change Management Consultant, Aug 2016

"Sophia is very passionate tango dancer and teacher. With her energy, experience and skills I think she can teach everyone how to tango and to tango better. I highly recommend her classes and lessons if you're are open to enter a magnificent world of tango, which definitively will change your mind.

If you are an engineer and never tried tango, just give it a go - engineers usually get into it well...Dedicated and patient teachers. I had thought I could not dance, SoTango has proved I was wrong." - Maxim Zhakarov, Senior Software Engineer, Jan 2016

"Difficult to put words to the experience...When they dance they never cease to inspire and touch me with their collected intensity, tenderness and grace... Both Sophia and Paul are consumate teachers - breaking down such an art form into tiny precise chunks with such classic style. 

What is so impressive is how they are spontaneously able to tailor each step to the students present on the night and patiently understand what each of us needs to 'get it'. 

So it is with huge respect and appreciation that I thank them for all that they share of the spirit, love and intense joy of Tango - and the dedication they have when sharing their skill with us - and for bringing together such a great group of people to dance with. Thank you! It has brought so much into my life!" - Cherry Manfield, Child educator, film-maker, Dec 2015

"I've tried all the Argentine Tango classes in town and I love SoTango! You definitely advance in your techniques in these classes - so you don't feel like you're doing the same thing over and over. There's also a great mix of beginner and advanced students so they can lead you. I Can't wait to come back in the New Year!"  - Ursula Mills, Actress, Dec 2015

"No one brings the truest Argentinian essence of the Tango from the streets of Buenos Aires, the purity of the milongas and the true essence of Tango.

No one teaches the art and craft and magic of this majestic dance so truly, so purely, so beautifully. No one is so tango as SoTango!" - Tom Wilde, Executive Coach, Poet, Dec 2015

"Sophia and Paul are great teachers who have been patient, encouraging and definitely inspiring. I also love my classmates. It feels like family!" - Ruth Saw, Jan 2015

"Sophia from SoTango was very accommodating and has a fantastic technique to teach people to dance. She has an easy approach and is very passionate about the dance and its origins. I have no hesitation in recommending so tango to anyone you will fall in love with the dance as well as Sophia" - Paula and Alberto Pereira, Dec 2015

"Sophia and Paul are fantastic teachers who inspire us and breath Tango into our daily lives. Highly recommend!"  - Tania Waitokia, Senior Program Manager, Aug, 2014

"I have enjoyed the music and songs of tango with a passion for many years. However, what I had not discovered until recently was the dance form of salon tango, followed a little while later by So Tango. At SoTango the instructors’ passion for both the tango and the quality teaching of it comes across in their classes. All aspects of tango are covered; the culture; the etiquette; the all-important yet invisible connection and the cool and sexy moves.

The classes are very enjoyable too, with patient, attentive and easily approachable instructors. They also dance with their students during classes, which for me is most helpful and a highlight of the lesson. One can take the experience even further with a private one-on-one lesson. Thank you So Tango for creating a really enjoyable experience!"  - Santo Caputo, Engineer

"Thank You very much for making our tango lessons the highlight of our week! I have been trying to get my husband to a dance class for more than 15 years and he is now simply addicted to tango and as you know we are now heading towards our 4th course – its an incredible experience and every week’s class is new and exciting, we also love the interaction with the other students and are becoming tango addicts!!" - Kathy Apostolidis, Wedding Planner

“Thank you so much for creating a wonderful atmosphere in which to learn the tango. My dance partner and I love the way you convey the elegance and mood of the dance, and we enjoy ourselves so much that at the end of each lesson we are sure that we could have gone on dancing all night." - Belinda Alexandra, best selling novelist

"When I started learning tango, I had no idea what I was getting into as I had absolutely no previous dancing experience - not even a passing interest in dancing shows on TV. But my curiosity about new experiences got the better of me and before long, I was totally hooked! Now, not only do I have a lot of fun dancing in Sydney, but when traveling overseas I have been able to visit local milongas and enjoyed great dances and conversations with local dancers in Japan and Europe, which certainly beats watching TV in a foreign language in a hotel room!"  - Dr Bruno Gaeta, Senior Lecturer, Scientific Consultant

"Sophia, I would like others to know what a pleasure they are in for, when they undertake a course with you. There has always been something special, attentive, gentle, encouraging and responsive in the way you teach...I like the way you teach, I like the atmosphere in class that you create, I like being able to dance with the teacher after class in practice, it is like a mini private lesson, and I value that, and count myself fortunate to have access to the privilege."

- Nick Winkler, Corporate Counsel

"Firstly can I just say how outstanding the course is! I have done various styles of dance in the past, but Tango is something else! What a beautiful, graceful, intimate, sensual and respectful dance it is. I am amazed that by the second lesson I AM actually dancing Tango!! I know I have now started a life-long love affair." - Rhiannah Venetsanos

"I have been wanting to dance the tango for a long time and had tried before but found it hard to move forward as the students in the class were progressing at different levels and often i felt mismatched with partners. Because of this experience i became a little skeptical. When i booked in and attended the classes i was so impressed i feel like i achieve a new level of dancing with every class! not only are there enough males to females there is the opportunity to partner with experienced tango dancers which keeps me super inspired, committed and wanting more! I am learning so much - the classes are so constructive. I don't have a lot of time to dance socially but am very serious about tango in fact it's one of my dreams to become a tango dancer." - Suzanne Smithson, Pilates Instructor

“Sophia is a passionate teacher and a graceful dancer...and she makes it easy to get excited about tango because she lives and breathes it herself. The most important thing we’ve learnt from Sophia is not about technique or choreography but that tango is about the invisible magic that connects the leader to the follower that only they know about.

She is versatile in her method of teaching and is able to assume the role of a leader just as easily as the follower. Sophia dances with her eyes closed and lets her leader guide her through the song with complete trust, abandonment and conviction. Even if my partner and I never become technically proficient dancers, we will always love dancing tango the way Sophia has taught us; as an intense physical and emotional connection between two people expressed through the simple yet surprisingly challenging art of waiting for one another. Thanks for making it such a joy to learn from you, Sophia!” - Vera Lin, Financial Advisor