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Register with a partner (if possible)
To ensure there is a reasonable balance of leaders and followers for the enjoyment of everyone…
If you register in a leader/follower combination you will have automatic entry.
If you register as a solo follower or leader your registration will depend on the leader/follower balance at the time and you will initially be placed on a waiting list.

How to Book
Contact Sophia know by email, phone or in class. 
Mobile: 0411 747 949

Make sure to mention:
- Which workshops 
- The name of your partner (If registering with a partner)

Payment details will be provided when you book in.

SoTango is running a series of intensive workshops on 3 Saturdays over October to November (a total of 6 workshops). Attend as many or as few workshops as you like. Each workshop will cover different moves and music.

Not suitable for beginners.
As an indicator you should be able to lead / follow the following fundamental elements of tango: Parallel and Cross System Cross, Ochos, Giro, Medialuna, Sanguchito and Ocho Cortado.

$35 per workshop or $40 on the day 
$30 per workshop - if 4 or more workshops prepaid*
*rates are per person 

Sophia de Lautour (Alvarez) and Paul (Pablito) Warren. Sophia is a national champion. Sophia has been teaching tango for over 18 years. Together Paul and Sophia share a combined tango experience of 40 years! 
Go here for their Bios.


"Sophia what a great musicality lesson you and Paul gave last night! By the end of the class if felt like everyone had experienced something special!" Paola Ferragina (Oct 2019)

"Thanks for such a great workshop Sophia!" - Michele Stewart (Oct 2019)

"Thank you very much – a wonderful class. I learnt a lot. Nice being a small group. I'm impressed with your feedback notes – makes a lot of difference." (Peter Wassenaar, Sep 2018) 

"Many thanks for yesterday! We both enjoyed it and found it very helpful" (Kobus and Cheyne de Beer ,Sep 2018)

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