Why learn with SoTango

sotango best tango lessons studio
SoTango's teaching approach is systematic with an emphasis on high quality instruction in a great learning environment 
Here's the reasons why you should choose SoTango first...
  • Structured classes that review and build on moves learnt in previous lessons, and work at your pace. 
  • Instruction from dedicated, experienced instructors.
  • We has a pool of assistants that we draw upon, as needed, to balance out the number of men and women in the class. It also gives you a great opportunity to dance with experienced dancers!
  • Our courses include videoed lesson reviews of all moves covered.
  • Plenty of 1:1 attention and adjustments by instructors
  • Lots of action and moving by you as opposed to lots of talking by  instructors!  
  • A friendly, relaxed and supportive learning environment.
  • Missed lessons can be credited towards private lessons
  • Regular tango parties and outings for friends and students of SoTango - the aim of which is to prepare our students for social dancing and dancing well at milongas.