Level 3 Lesson Reviews May - Jun 2014

Theme: Barridas

Weeks 1 and 2: 

Version 1:
Leader's right inside foot barridas follower's right inside foot. Ended with a Forward Ocho

Version 2:
Leader's right outside foot barridas follower's left inside foot. Ended with a Forward Ocho. Variations: Add a Front Boleo - End with walking to a Cross.

Version 2 - Expanded:
We added to Version 2 the third Barrida - (leader's right foot barridas follower's right foot) and ended with a Colgada.

Week 3:

Version 3 - with Sandwich:
Entered from Back Ocho. Leader barridas follower's left foot with his right foot to his the direction of his left . Completed with Sandwich.

Version 3 - with Lapiz:
Same as above except ended with Lapiz instead of Sandwich.

Week 4:

Barrida ending with Women's Sacada
Leader's right foot barridas Follower's left foot to his right. Completed with Women's Sacada.

Barrida ending with Gancho
Same as above, but completed with Gancho.