So how was Tinta Roja?

posted Apr 11, 2014, 8:02 PM by Sophia de Lautour   [ updated Apr 16, 2014, 6:50 PM ]
Tinta Roja Milonga sydney argentine tango
Last night Tango Synergy launched it's new monthly Milonga - Tinta Roja - in a Russian restaurant / Masonic hall. 

Despite the inclement weather, it attracted a good turn-out. 

But before I go into a review of Tinta Roja...
I'd like to mention (as some people were curious about this) that the photographer taking photos of Paul and me at the milonga last night is not our personal photographer (:-)) but a So Tango student who is using us as subject for her TAFE photography assignment.

So how was Tinta Roja...?

The musical alchemy created by 'duelling' DJs Leonel Colque and Mohamed Ibrahim kept the dance floor vibrant all night. 

The floor is an excellent shape and size. It is spacious but not cavernous. Although some people thought the floor was a bit sticky (slow) at the beginning of the night, I think that was being way too critical. Compared to the floor at Bar Cleveland this floor is a dream to dance on!  It is pristine with no dents or cracks in it which makes for safe and comfortable dancing. Powder subsequently added to the floor made it a bit too slippery (fast). I recommend leather heeled shoes, rather than suede, as the floor is on the slower side of the scale. For me this is preferable to a fast  floor which can make dancing hazardous. 

Well balanced - not too bright and sufficient for cabeceo, and love the chandeliers! 

Seating/ Table arrangement
What I particularly like about this milonga is that the seating and tables are on one side of the floor. In Sydney I prefer this type of arrangement (if you have to have tables, as without is also good, e.g. Bar Cleveland). Concentration of seating in one area encourages more mixing, mingling and dance invitations with people you don't usually dance with.  As far as I am aware this is the only milonga in Sydney with such an arrangement.

Ambience and Decor
Love the red walls, hence the name Tinta Roja which in Argentina refers to 'red ink' and is the name of a popular tango song. Also loved the central chandeliers and overall decor which emits a feeling of understated opulence. The entrance is pleasant - nice not having to traverse poker machines on the way in! Clean and nicely decorated amenities. 

In the heart of the cosmopolitan suburb of Bondi. Free parking is available in side streets and not too difficult to find. Good for public transport.

Generous food offerings. Delicious cake from one of the best bakeries in Sydney - Nogas (not skimping there!) and a nice selection of fresh fruit. Tea and coffee was also provided. Also like that it's BYO.

Friendly and pleasant. Not too much time spent on speeches leaving plenty of time for dancing.

Midnight is an early finishing time but Sydney-siders are now used to, and philosophical, about this. The winding up of the night was nonetheless relaxed and we did not get the feel of being rushed out of the venue due to a strict curfew.

A new milonga venue usually takes at least several well attended milongas to warm up and start to take on the vibe of an established and 'happening'  milonga. Tinta Roja is warming up very quickly as it has all the ingredients needed for a successful milonga in Sydney.

Bravo Tango Synergy!  Tinta Roja's launch was a huge success. I'll certainly be back, and looking forward to future 'second Fridays'!