Fabian Salas & Lola Diaz Workshops @ Sydney Oct 18 - 21, 2018

posted Sep 15, 2018, 3:55 PM by Sophia de Lautour   [ updated Sep 16, 2018, 6:19 AM ]
Workshops hosted by our Pablito!
This is Fabian and Lola's first Sydney visit. Studios and times to be confirmed!

Thursday Oct 18
1. Sacadas for everybody!

Friday Oct 19
2. Barridas: interesting & fun

Saturday Oct 20
3. Ganchos: technique & combinations
4. Out of axis: Colgadas & Volcadas

Sunday Oct 21
5. Resources to dance to Piazzolla + video presentation
6. Milonga lisa & traspié

How to Book
These workshops are not organised by SoTango. 
To book contact:  mona.ardeleanu@me.com
Couple bookings are encouraged.

6 workshop package: $200
4 workshop package: $160
2 workshop package: $90
Drop in: $50

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About Fabian and Lola

Fabian Salas
Born in 1963 in La Plata, capital of the Buenos Aires province, Fabian Salas was educated in both Argentina and the US, trained as a lawyer and moved to the city of Buenos Aires to practice law and dance the tango in 1988.

By 1992, Fabian had begun touring the world as a tango teacher becoming then, one of the first professional touring teachers in history and opening in such way, many doors to others who later decided to join this activity. In 1995 he started an investigation group which lead to the development of a revolutionary way of understanding, teaching and dancing the tango, In 1996, Fabian took part in the filming of the motion picture “Evita”, and a year later was one of the main dancers in the award-winning film “The Tango Lesson”.

Fabian runs the tango education organizations Cosmotango and TangoPal and has created a series of instructional videos to teach authentic Tango in 10 easy lessons. He is also the organiser and director of the CITA (Congreso International de Tango Argentino) which show cases in Buenos Aires the world's leading tango dancers.

Lola Diaz
Lola Diaz has participated in several Tango productions of which the most important are: “La hora del Tango”, Festival Classico Pompeiano 2007, principal roll and choreography assistant of the clip “Neus” 2007, principal roll and choreographer (Tango y Ballet) of the clip “Tango Hereje” 2006

As a tango teacher she also has a very active career, where besides international tours, she has taught at La Viruta in Buenos Aires.