Spring Beginners 2016

Beginners - Level 1

Week 8 (17.10.16)

In Week 8 we introduced the revised C - Step  so that second* and third position*, meaning Leader's side step with left leg and subsequent (short) forward step with right leg, is the same as second and third position for the Parallel Cross.  

We then alternated this with the Parallel Cross to create a better understanding of the correct lead and follow for these moves. We continued refining the Parallel Cross with Ochos and resolution. See videos of moves below.

First position is normally the leader's (short)  back step with right leg. However, we prefer not to teach the back step as this can create the bad habits of excessive back stepping (which can create navigational problems). This is why we start with 2nd position. It is good to understanding the numbering of these moves as they are often used as a reference point in tango workshops world-wide.

Week 7 (10.10.16)
We added a resolution to the Week 6 combination (steps 2 - 5 of 'C-Step)

Week 6 (3.10.16)
We reviewed Forward Ocho from the Parallel Cross and added a Backward Ocho to this combination.

In addition to practicing Ochos, Parallel Cross and C Step, also practice the Lapiz (roulo) walk:

Re musicality practice:
  • Good song to practice musical walk to is 'Cara Sucia' by Di Sarli. I think this is on the download link given to you in Week 1 - but if not it's on Spotify. 
  • Extra credit! To Cara Sucia you can practice walking on the strong beats (1 - 3) and then on the '4' (which ends the phrase) do the Lapiz, then back to walking on the 1 and so on. 
Week 5, 26.9.16
We link the Forward Ocho to the Parallel Cross:

Week 4 19.9.16
We completed the Parallel Cross
No new moves introduced.

Week 3 12.9.16
Parallel Cross
We introduced first 3 steps of this move.

Week 2: 5.9.16

Week 2 lesson consisted of:
  • Walking solo - single time (1-3)
  • Walking solo with the 'roulo' (a.k.a 'lapiz')  walk - solo 1-1 - half time (1-1) - emphasis on soft knee and attention to standing leg more than free leg
  • Walking together  - with practice hold - single time
  • Revised 'C step'
  • Adding improvisation with random step to the right by leader
  • Introducing our fave step - change of weight and added this to the 'C Step' improvisation.
 C Step

Week 1: 29.8.16

We introduced the 'C Step'
Video to be provided shortly. In the meantime... the steps are as follows (for leaders - followers shadow leaders):
  1. Side step to the left
  2. Forward step (right leg)
  3. Forward step (left leg)
  4. Side step to the right
  5. Step together with the left leg.


Whenever you have a moment free...

Stand on one leg
Make sure your knee is slightly flexed (not locked).
Feel 100% of your weight on one leg. 
Feel your foot in contact with the floor. 
Make sure your whole foot is connecting to the floor particularly the big toe side of your foot. 
Feel your foot, knee and hip connected to each other. 
Notice how you lose this connection when you lock your knee. 
Notice how energise your whole standing leg is when your knee is softly flexed.
Feel the alignment of you head, hips and feet. This is your axis. These three parts of your body need to be aligned in one straight line. Remember the analogy of the apartment building (basement, middle floor and penthouse).

Tango Music - for practicing

You can find tango music on Spotify. I recommend the following album: 'Serie de Oro' by Carlos di Sarli. This album has good songs for practicing. Avoid the last song 'Tu Palida Voz' as it's a vals.

The following link will download a fabulous collection of 250 of the most popular songs (tango, vals and milonga) played in milongas around the world!  Focus for now only on the tangos. Also focus on instrumental songs as opposed to vocals as these are easier to find the beat. Di Sarli is one of the better orchestras to start with.

This link goes to a zip file. It's a little less than a 1 GB file. 

Here's a link to help you better understand tango music for dancing.

Happy listening!