Practilongas in North Sydney 
@ 181 Blues Point Road, North Sydney 

Held every 8 weeks or so... an opportunity to practice and dance tango socially in a welcoming and friendly environment. All welcome. 

2pm - 4.30pm

Next dates: 
Saturday 22 October 2022 (the launch!)
Saturday 17 December 2022 

2pm - 2.30pm - Tango Drill to improve connection, posture and musicality - join in or practice on your own (included with entry and a great warm up)
2.30pm - 4.30pm: Practilonga

practilonga is a cross between a practica and a milonga.  The former is an Argentine tango practice session whose main focus is on practicing and experimenting with tango moves and technique. The latter is typically a more formal event, with dancers making more of an effort to dress smartly.  A practilonga is thus somewhere between the two -  both informal and with plenty of space to practise – and a party as well!

Afternoon tea provided.  

Dress code: from smart casual to 'dress to impress' (your choice)
Parking is available in surrounding streets
Entry: $25