May - Jun 2016 Beginners

Weeks 1 & 2 May 9 & 16
We covered:
  • Walking Technique 
  • Stepping to the side, forward and back
  • Open Embrace 
  • Changing weight

Whenever you have a moment free...

Stand on one leg
Make sure your knee is slightly flexed (not locked).
Feel 100% of your weight on one leg. 
Feel your foot in contact with the floor. 
Make sure your whole foot is connecting to the floor particularly the big toe side of your foot. 
Feel your foot, knee and hip connected to each other. 
Notice how you lose this connection when you lock your knee. 
Notice how energise your whole standing leg is when your knee is softly flexed.
Feel the alignment of you head, hips and feet. This is your axis. These three parts of your body need to be aligned in one straight line. Remember the analogy of the apartment building (basement, middle floor and penthouse).

In case you missed Sophia and Pablito's display at beginners class on 9.5.16 - here it is...

Weeks 3  - May 23
We introduced the 'Six Step Basic'. This can also be done in 5 steps if we remove the beginning back step and start with the leader's side step to his left. 

Week 4 - May 30

We introduced Ochos - Forward...

 and Backward...

At the beginning of the  class we  introduced the exercise of Rulos. The Rulo - also known as Lapiz (pencil) - is executed by drawing one or more circles on the floor with the free leg, either as part of a movement or during a pause in dancing.

When you have a spare moment - practice embellishing your walk with Rulos!

Week 5 Jun 6
We introduced the Sandwich

Weeks 6 and 7  Jun 13 & 20
We introduced Change of Direction which is good after the Sandwich.


As you can see from exercises like the Rulos it helps to wear shoes that allow you to glide across the floor.  If you don't have shoes with suitably smooth soles - wear thick socks. Or even better, invest in a pair of tango shoes. Click here for links to tango shoe retailers.  
Click here for an article I wrote about the best shoes for tango.

Watching Tango danced socially...

Some So Tango students have expressed interest in visiting a milonga (tango party) to see how tango is danced socially. This is a great idea! 

Pablito and I recommend that you visit Tango Synergy Milonga on Wednesday nights at Bar Cleveland - Corner Cleveland St and Bourke St, Surry Hills. Runs from 8pm - 11pm.  Click on the link for more information about this Milonga.

Introduce yourself to Karan Rowe who is one of the organisers. Mention you're from So Tango and just wanting to spectate. Providing you don't dance there will be no charge. 

We do not recommend dancing socially until you have completed at least the Improvers course. At the end of that course we'll organise a student outing to one of Sydney's milongas!  Date and place to be advised shortly.
north sydney tango lessons

Here are some photos that were taken in the first two weeks of your course. This page is private and only accessible by enrolled beginner students. If you're in any of these pics and would NOT like them to be published on public pages please let Sophia know.

 north sydney tango lessons