Level 4 May - July 2017

Week 7: July 10
We explored doing the same move of Ocho Cortado to Tango, Vals and Milonga rhythms. 

Week 6: July 3
Milonga: Lesson 3 of 3
We introduced a basic combination in parallel system and experimented with different rhythmic interpretations. 

Week 5: Starting June 26
Milonga: Lesson 2 of 3
We introduced walking turns:

Please note that classes on July 5 and 12 at Bondi will NOT be at the School of Arts as the hall is unavailable over school holidays. We have a choice of the Hugh Bamford Hall in North Bondi and hall at the Bondi Pavilion. Will confirm with you shortly which venue we will be at for those weeks.

Week 4: Starting June 19
Milonga: Lesson 1 of 3 

For those of you who are new to milonga - it has two meanings to tango dancers. A milonga is a tango dance party where tango dancers gather to dance with one another. It is also one of the 3 primary rhythms that tango dancers dance to: Tango (4/4 time), Vals (3/4 time) and Milonga (2/4 time).

We use many of the same steps in milonga that we do in tango, but there are also many steps which fit particularly well to the milonga rhythm. 

In this lesson we focused on the following moves:
  • '6 Step Basic (C-Step concluded with a back step)
  • Cross System Cross
  • Double time Parallel Cross
Here's two improvised milonga displays using above moves: 

Home Play:
  • Practice walking to single and double time, and the above moves to a variety of milongas. The following milongas by Francisco Canaro are recommended as they tend to be slower than many other orchestras and thus easier to move to. Songs without vocals are also easier.
From Spotify:
Album: 'La Milonga de Buenos Aires' by Canaro. This includes 'Negrito' the song we focused on in Lesson 1. 

From Murat's 250:
Milonga Brava by Canaro 
El Lloron - by Canaro 
Milonga Sentimental - by Canaro

Week 3: Starting June 12
Vals: Lesson 3 of 3
Introduced Double Cross (Cross System) and added Giro to the right:

Weeks 1 & 2: May 29 and June 5, 2017

Vals: Lessons 1 and 2 of 3

Improvisation with:
  • Cross System Cross combination (from Level 3) 
  • Giro to the left from Cross System Cross with Sacada on entry into Giro (side step).