Level 4 Mar - Apr 2019

Theme: 'Doing more with less'

Week 3: April 8

Focus was on Giros - techique and entry points, in particular from Ochos to left and right and from standing start.

Week 2: April 1
1. First part of lesson focused on: 
Leaders navigating in small space  - including angling their moves to use the outer space of the floor rather than directly in the line of the 'ronda'.
Continued with followers ornamenting to the
 to the piano triplets ending phrases in  the songs we played with in Week 1 (D'Agostino songs: 'Tres Esquinas' and 'Un Tropezon')

2. The second part of lesson focused on:
Identifying the most direct entry into moves such as Sandwich, Barridas (back cross steps) Ocho Cortado (forward cross step) and the Cross. One of the realisations was that in tight spaces circular moves (where dancers move around each other) are very useful and these are usually entered from Cross Steps (forward or back). 

Week 1: March 25
Focused on:
  • Slowing down and controlling movement - so not led by momentum
  • Musical Phrasing
  • Ornamenting 
We danced to two D'Agostino songs: 'Tres Esquinas' and 'Un Tropezon' and focused on ornamenting in particular to the piano triplets that often end D'Agostino's phrases.

Ornamenting and Phrasing