Level 4 Feb - Mar 2017

Week 6: (starting 13.3.17)
We worked on Rebounds ('Rebotes')

Here's the moves we covered:

and here's a display using them:

Week 5: (starting 6.3.17)

We focused on musicality and worked on interpreting the song by Troilo 'Esta Tarde Gris'.
We used the C-Step ( a basic beginner move) to experiment with and practice different interpretations (shown below).

You can use the C-Step to work on phrasing and playing with single, double and half time to express the mood and rhythm of the music.

Week 4: (starting 27.2.17)

We practiced circular ornaments for followers to be used from the Parada, particularly double Parada. We also focused on walking technique and maintaining a stable axis. No videos for this week.

Week 3: (starting 20.2.17)

Pavel's take on 'Creating / Expecting the Unexpected'

Week 2: (starting 13.2.17)

Combinations using Sacadas, Castigadas, Backward Ochos and Sandwich

Week 1: (starting 6.2.17)
In this term we are focusing on 'Creating / Expecting the Unexpected'.
In Week 1 we focused on Ganchos Versus Follower's Sacadas / Barridas