Level 3 Sep - Oct 2018

The theme for this term is Ocho Cortado. 
We will be linking the Ocho Cortado with some of the other moves covered in previous terms.

Week 7: starting October 15
Introduced -Ocho Cortado ending with Forward Step
Forward step is by Follower.

Ocho Cortado ending with Forward Step

Musicality for Ocho Cortados
The version ending with Forward Cross Step is slower so better suited to slower (more legato) music. 
Ending with Side Step retraced to Cross is better suited to more rhythmic (more staccato) music:

Musicality for Ocho Cortados

Week 6: starting October 8
Introduced Ocho Cortado from Sandwich:

Ocho Cortado from Sandwich

Here is an improvisation with all Ocho Cortado variations covered to date:

Ocho Cortado variations

Week 5: starting October 1
  • Ocho Cortado to end Giros 
  • Ocho Cortado to end Medialuna
See Week 3 and 4 videos.

Week 4: starting September 24
  • Ocho Cortado from Salida
  • Ocho Cortado to end Giros (see Week 3 video) 
  • Ocho Cortado to end Medialunas (not focused on at Bondi this week)
This video shows how an Ocho Cortado can be used to end a Medialuna. The video is to Vals music but the move can also be danced to Tango - so just focus on the structure, not the musicality:

Medialuna ended with Ocho Cortado

Week 3: starting September 17
Reviewed Ocho Cortado from Salida / Rebound and Parallel Cross
Introduced Ocho Cortados to end Medialunas and Giros

GIro ending with Ocho Cortado

Week 2: starting September 10
Reviewed Ocho Cortado from Salida and Rebound (see video from Week 1)
Introduced Ocho Cortado entered from Parallel Cross 

Ocho Cortado from Cross

Disregard video's title which should read from Cross (not Salida)

Week 1: starting September 3
Introduced Ocho Cortado from Salida (side step) and two forward steps (the second turns into a rebound) with and without Leader's foot ornament.

Here's a video of the latter version:

Ocho Cortado from Salida and Forward step with Rebound