Level 3 Oct - Dec 2018


The them for this term is Vals and Milonga.
Weeks 1 - 3 will be Vals
Weeks 4 - 6 will be Milonga
Week 7 will be a mix of both!

Music Notes
  • Rhythm is 3/4
  • The double time in Vals feels faster than double time in Tango. 
  • The space after last double time step in Vals and next single time step feels longer than in Tango.
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Week 7:  starting December 3
In Week 7 we explored how moves suited to milonga music could be used for punchy (staccato) tango songs - particularly by the Orquestra of D'Arienzo.
Dancing to staccato tango music suits the following moves:
  • Rebounds (rebotés)
  • Ocho Cortados
  • Any double time moves - e.g. Cross System Cross
  • Walking Ochos (minimal angled Ochos)
It does not suit, for example:
  • Pausing
  • Wide angled Ochos
  • Barridas
  • Half time movement
  • Large steps
Week 6 starting November 26
Milonga Part 3 of 3

Part 1 and 2 moves (Weeks 4 and 5)
  • Parallel Cross - single and double time
  • C-Step linked with Leader's Back Step 
Here's a variation on the above move. The Traspié  is at change of weight between last Side step and Back step.
Notice how this move is turning to the Leader's left. In fact this move naturally turns to theLeft if steps are not deliberately angled to stay in the line of  traffic - so you have the choice with this move of turning to the left or proceeding straight forward.

Milonga Traspié C-Step with Leader's Back Step


Milonga: Small side steps - linear and circular

Milonga Traspié: Forward Side steps

Milonga: Rebound Walk Traspie

Not sure if the Cuna was introduced for Level 3 or 4 but including here as it's another useful step for navigation.

Milonga: Cuna

Week 5 starting November 19
Milonga - Part 2 of 3

Double time for Milonga. As double time in Milonga necessitates close embrace (or makes it a lot easier!) we spent a lot of time getting everyone used to dancing in close embrace.

We then practiced the double time Parallel Cross in close embrace and linked this with the C-Step (with Back step).

Milonga - Double time Parallel Cross

Week 4 starting November 12
Milonga - Part 1 of 3

There are two distinct styles of Milonga: Milonga Lisa and Milonga con Traspié 

In Spanish Lisa means 'simple' -  dancing to single time 

In Spanish 'con' means 'with. 'Traspié'  means 'error' or 'stumble foot' or 'foot behind'. 
When referred to Milonga it means using the same foot twice and quickly - dancing double time or with syncopation.

In Week 1 the focus was on Milonga Lisa
Moves introduced:
  • Parallel Cross with Resolution
  • C-Step (linked with Leader's Back Step)

Milonga Lisa: C-Step

Milonga Lisa: Parallel Cross

Milonga Impro - Parallel Cross, C-Step Lisa & Traspie

Milonga Lisa is normally only used for part of the dance as dancing only Lisa is quite monotonous and diminishes the playfulness inherent to Milonga! 

It is however useful to first focus on single time (as the baseline structure of Milonga) so that we can be more precise with double time and syncopated movement.

Looking forward to mixing it up with Traspié in Week 5!

Leaders - memorise the above moves, notice posture, connection and musicality.
Followers - please don't memorise the moves but observe posture, connection and musicality.
- Walk the C-Step to single and half time, preferably to songs from this Spotify playlist: Milonga Instrumental (Trad) 

Week 3 starting November 5
Vals - Part 3 of 3

1) Introduced
  • Giro to the Left

Giro to Left from Cross

2) Reviewed:
  • Cross System Cross Combination
  • Ocho Cortado added to Cross System Cross with Rebound

Ocho Cortado from Cross System Cross

  • Giro to the Right from Cross System Cross:

Giro to Right from Cross System Cross

Here's an improvisation with all the above moves:

Vals impro using cross system cross combinations

Week 2 starting October 29
Vals - Part 2 of 3 

1) Reviewed:
  • Cross System Cross Combination
2) Introduced:
  • Ocho Cortado added to Cross System Cross with Rebound (see Week 3 videos)
  • Giro to the Right from Cross System Cross (See Week 3 videos)
Unfortunately (and apologies) we forgot to film videos for these moves in Week 2 and will remedy this in Week 3.

In the meantime...
here's an older video showing an improvisation with Giro to the Right from Cross System Cross and other moves including Ocho Cortado:

Vals: Giro to Right from Cross System Cross and improvisation with Ocho Cortado etc

Note for Leaders regarding the above video:
1. When finishing Cross System Cross you can  change weight on the spot rather than crossing back with your Left leg (see which you prefer)
2. When leading the Back step of the Giro you can step forward or back (see which you prefe

3) More emphasis on:
  • improvisation - linking moves
  • navigation in tight spaces - using smaller steps
  • musicality
Week 1 Starting October 22

Vals - Part 1 of 3 lessons
Moves focused on:
  • Cross System Cross 
  • Parallel Cross (double time) 
Cross System Cross:

Parallel Cross:

  • Cross System Cross combination (Cross - Forward - Side - Back step - and start again):

Cross System Cross Combination