Level 3 Mar - May 2018

Week 3 Starting April 23

Vals - Part 3 of 3 lessons
We added circular moves to the mix: ie, Medialuna and Giro to the Right from Parallel and Cross System Cross. Continued emphasis on musicality.

Here's some improvisations from previous Vals courses to give you some ideas on how to link these moves...

Week 2 Starting April 16 
Vals - Part 2 of 3 lessons

We added Ocho Cortados to the mix. They work well with 3/4 timing
Here's an improvisation using Ocho Cortados and Cross System Cross combination...

Week 1 Starting March 27

Vals - Part 1 of 3 lessons
Moves focused on:
  • Cross System Cross 
  • Parallel Cross (double time) 
  • Cross System Cross combination (Cross - Forward - Side - Back step - and start again).
Cross System Cross:

Parallel Cross:

Music Notes
  • Rhythm is 3/4
  • The double time in Vals feels faster than double time in Tango. 
  • The space after last double time step in Vals and next single time step feels longer than in Tango.
Songs used in the lesson (and good for practicing) were:
  • Desde el Alma - by Francisco Canaro
  • Adios Juventud - by Francisco Canaro
  • Francia - by Tubatango