Level 3 Feb - Mar 2018

Week 7 - starting March 19
In Week 7 we refined and improvised all Sandwich variations covered in the term.

Here's the Sandwich from Side Step and without stepping (covered in Week 6):

Week 6 - starting from March 12
Most of the lesson was about dancing to half time - slowing our dance down which requires greater attention to one's axis, balance and connection with partner. We danced the combination of Parallel Cross with Giro to the Right ending in Sandwich to half time - to the song of 'Tres Esquinas' by D'Agostino.

I have posted a tango display video on the SoTango Student Facebook page (it's a Facebook video - I can't find it on Youtube so can't post here). The display is an inspiration for you on how slowing the dance down keeps your dance interesting and beautiful. If you haven't yet joined the Student FB group you can join here

Week 5 - starting from March 5
We continued with our theme of Sandwich from Giros. 

New move introduced was Sandwich from Back circular to step to the left - which can be extended to a Giro to the left. We forgot to video this move this week! We will get one up early next week.

In the meantime here is another video from Week 4:

1) Review the Sandwich combinations from Weeks 1 - 5
2) Practice the Lapiz Walk and the Pivoting walk (elongated Giro) on a regular basis. Here's a video of the latter:
3) For some inspiration read this post with videos of beautiful tango walking. Tango is known as the 'walking dance' - having a good tango walk is the foundation to being a good tango dancer.

Week 4 - starting from February 26
We continued with our theme of Sandwich from Giros. New move introduced was Sandwich from Giro to the Right - entered from Back Ocho:

Week 3 - starting from February 19
Reviewed moves from previous weeks: Cross System Cross and Parallel Cross linked to Giro to the Right.

Introduced Sandwich linked to Giro to the Right (from Follower's back step).

In the version shown the Sandwich was to the Follower's first Back step. Giro was entered from Parallel Cross (sorry no video yet!)

Here's another version where Giro is entered from Back Ocho. Sandwich is at Follower's second Back step.

The Sandwich can be entered from any circular back step.

Weeks 1 and  2 - starting from February 5 - 12

We started the Week 1 class with an emphasis on feeling relaxed and comfortable in the embrace.

We started the Week 2 class with an emphasis on the Leader being aware of the Follower's axis when leading Giros.

Over Weeks 1 and 2 moves worked on were: 
  • Cross System Cross
  • Parallel Cross
This included linking the Crosses with Giros to the right, with a particular focus on timing - single, double and pausing.

Some related videos: