Level 3-4 Jul - Aug 2018

Good habits for tango dancers
  • 'Steel vs spaghetti': Your standing leg is like steel - dynamic, strong and grounded, your free leg is like spaghetti: light and loose without tension.
  • Your free leg hip is stable yet loose and lower than your base leg hip (this removes tension from your free leg)
  • 'Collection' - Thigh or ankle (as you prefer) connection as you walk
  • Push off the floor as you walk - to make your walk more dynamic. 
  • Never lock your knees: You standing leg knee is softly flexed (not locked) - this gives you better contact with the floor.
  • Always find your axis - 'it's your beauty and your power'
  • Walk in the line of your hips - Imagine your hips are at the centre of 2 crossing lines: one going forward / back and the other - left /right. The first line is the guide for forward and back steps, the second line guides side steps. 
Tango Music - for practicing 

Check out Sophia's spotify list:

Here's a link to help you better understand tango music for dancing

Week 7 - August 27
Volcada from Cross System Cross:

Volcada from Cross System Cross

Playing with Volcadas and Colgadas:

End of term improvisation

Week 6 August 20
Colgadas from Parada to Follower's Back Cross Step & Follower's Forward outer Step:

Colgadas from Parada to Follower's Back Cross Step & Follower's Forward outer Step

Week 5: August 13
More playing with Colgadas from Front and Back Cross Steps.
Introduction of Colgada from a Castigada

Colgadas from Castigadas and improvisation

Week 4: August 6
Introduced Colgadas from and to Cross Steps:

Colgadas from and to Cross Steps

Week 3:  July 30
  • Introduced combination of Volcada from Parallel Cross, resolved with Parada to the right.
  • Reviewed Volcada from split axis turn to the right

Volcada from Parallel Cross resolved with Parada to Right

Week 2:  July 23
Introduced Volcada from Split Axis turn to the right:

Split axis turn to right resolved with volcada

Week 1: July 16 - Introducing Volcadas!
Introduced basic Volcada: