Level 2 Oct - Dec 2017

Week 3 (starting Nov 6)
Reviewed the Mediauluna and Giro to the right from Parallel Cross.
Introduced the 'Sandwich':

This video shows an optional Parada inserted with the Forward Ocho at the end (4th repetition):

Here's an a new video of the Giro to the Right from Parallel Cross:

Week 2 (starting Oct 30)
Reviewed the Medialuna and introduced the Giro to the right from Parallel Cross. Please note that in this video the leader steps backward when the follower steps backward. We recommend that leaders instead step forward at this point in the move as it provides greater stability.  

Recommended footwork for leader is thus ( from Cross )  - Forward - Side - Forward - Feet together and turn torso to right to lead follower into forward circular step to his right and then forward circular to his left (torso turns to left).

Week 1 (starting Oct 23)
We introduced the concept of circular walking and the figure of Medialuna
It is entered from Backward Ocho and ends with Forward Ocho: