Level 2 Mar - May 2018

NB: If videos are flickering try a different browser - Chrome seems to cause the flicker.

Week 6: Starting April 14
Introduced the Gancho -  to spice it up a bit!
The Gancho taught was the Gancho of Leader's Right leg from Backward Ocho to the Left. The following video shows other versions as well:

Week 5: Starting April 7
Review of all moves from previous weeks. See videos from previous weeks. Increasing focus on musicality.

Week 4: Starting April 30, 2018
We reviewed moves of previous weeks and introduce the concept of Giro. This is to be linked to the Parallel Cross (Giro to the Right)

Week 3: Starting April 23, 2018
We reviewed, refined and linked Sandwich and Medialuna with Back Ochos.
Please go to Weeks 1 and 2 videos as reference.

Week 2: Starting April 16, 2018
  1. Reviewed and refined the Sandwich, improvising it from a random number of Back Ochos,
  2. Introduced the Medialuna - our first circular move, and the smallest circular move possible in tango. 
A Medialuna consists of three steps circular (must include Follower's Back, Side and Forward steps) in the same direction. The version of Medialuna introduced is to the right starting with a Back Step. 

Week 1: Starting March 27, 2018

In Week 1 the new move introduced was the Sandwich:

General Notes

Good habits for tango dancers
  • 'Steel vs spaghetti': Your standing leg is like steel - dynamic, strong and grounded, your free leg is like spaghetti: light and loose without tension.
  • Your free leg hip is loose and down (this removes tension from your free leg)
  • Never lock your knees: You standing leg knee is softly flexed (not locked) - this gives you better contact with the floor.
  • 'Collection' - Thigh or ankle (as you prefer) connection as you walk
  • Push off the floor as you walk - to make your walk more dynamic.
  • Look forward as you walk (down diagonal is fine but don't look straight down at your feet as this distorts your posture.
Music Notes
Songs recommended for practicing
Traditional Tango
Songs by Di Sarli's orchestra:
  • Don Juan
  • Comme Il Faut
  • Cara Sucia
  • A La Gran Muneca
  • El Once
Alternative songs
  • Felino - by Sverre Indris Joner (Electrocutango)
  • One more cup of coffee - by Frazey Ford (Obadiah)
  • Take me to Church  - by Hozier
Link to Download 250 songs!
In case you didn't receive or download this in level 1....
This link goes to a zip file. It's a little less than a 1 GB file. 

Click on the link to download a fabulous collection of 250 of the most popular songs (tango, vals and milonga) played in milongas around the world!  

Focus for now only on the tangos. Also focus on instrumental songs as opposed to vocals as these are easier to find the beat. Di Sarli is one of the better orchestras to start with.

Here's a link to help you better understand tango music for dancing.