Level 2 Mar - Apr 2019

Week 7, starting May 20
1) Review of all moves introduced in Level 2:
  • Sandwich
  • Medialuna
  • Giro (from Parallel Cross)
2) Review of Level 1 moves 
Parallel Cross with different endings"
- Resolution
- Forward and Back Ochos
3) Linking of Level 1 and 2 moves, eg Sandwich from Back Ochos
4) Navigation
5) Musicality, mainly with quick side step (from back step) in Giro and Medialuna

Weeks 5 & 6, starting May 6 and 13
Reviewed Weeks 1 - 4 moves
Introduced Giro to Right from Parallel Cross:

giro from Parallel Cross

Week 4 starting April 15
The focus was on linking moves from Level 1 with Medialuna and Sandwich,
As both moves are entered from a Back Cross Step it is possible to link both with Back Ochos or convert a Forward Ocho into a Back Cross Step 

We also worked on the timing of the Medialuna, with double time on Side step.

Medialuna with improvisation

DIsplay using Level 1 & 2 moves

Week 3 starting April 8
  • Backward Ocho from Side Step (with Resolution)
  • Sandwich (Sanguchito)
  • Medialuna ('Half Moon') 
...and linked these moves.
(see videos from Week 2)

Extreme Ocho
Essentially this is a Forward Ocho slowed down and broken up into 4 counts.
Use wall as your partner
1. Cross Forward and turn your torso to the wall (but not your hips) - split axis (your axis is in the middle of your legs)
2. With Feet in same position turn your torso further to the wall inceasing torsion
3. Allow the 'spring-release' of torsion to turn you 180 degrees, while quickly turning your torso back to the wall (but not your hips)
4. Turn torso away from the wall so aligned with hips (no torsion)

Start again...

Week 2 starting April 1

  • Backward Ocho from Side Step (with Resolution)
  • Sandwich (Sanguchito)
  • Medialuna ('Half Moon') 
Consists of Follower's Back - Side - Forward steps:

Improvising with Medialuna

Week 1 starting March 25:

  • Backward Ocho from Side Step with Resolution

Backward Ocho from Salida with Resolution

  • Sanguichito (Sandwich) 


This video includes a Parada at the ending Forward Ocho. Paradas (obstacles / blocks) will be covered in Week 2. The Sandwich already has two inbuilt Paradas. A third can be added to the ending Forward Ocho (as shown in the video)