Learner's Milongas

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Dates for 2018
Sunday  January 7:  3 - 6pm
Sunday February 4:  3 - 6pm
Saturday March 17:   4 - 7pm
Saturday May 26:   4 - 7pm
Saturday July 14:   3.30 - 6.30pm
Saturday September 1:   3 - 6pm
Saturday October 20:    4 - 7pm
Saturday December 8:   3 - 6pm

SoTango's Learner's Milonga in Bondi Junction (held every 1 - 2 months) are dedicated to encouraging and supporting new dancers into Sydney’s tango community.  

Here's an opportunity to develop your confidence and skill as a social tango dancer, and/or help Sydney’s tango community to grow and thrive!​

Why a Learner’s Milonga?​ 
Anyone from anywhere is welcomed with open arms - regardless of skill level - from relative newbies to aficionados. Our Learner's Milonga is designed for people who would like to: 
  • Feel more confident about dancing at milongas 
  • ​Sit less, dance more
  • Dance with the people they really want to dance with 
If you’re already a confident social tango dancer and if tango has enriched your life - this is a fun and rewarding way to give back. New dancers gain so much from dancing with more experienced dancers. It can be the experience that keeps them in tango. You really can make such a difference! 

Mill Hill Community Centre, 31 - 33 Spring Street, Bondi Junction
5 mins from Bondi Junction Station. If driving allow time for parking. Go here for more on best parking in the area.

Pre-Milonga Workshops
SoTango's Integrate Workshop (1 hour) starts 1 hour prior to the Learner's Milonga. Our Initiate Workshop (30 mins) runs concurrently with the Milonga's commencement. 
Integrate: a review of basic moves for social dancing (some prior knowledge of the tango walk, ochos and parallel cross is required). Initiate: a guide to the social codes and etiquette for dancing at milongas. A great warm-up and preparation for the Learner's Milonga!

☆ Complimentary afternoon tea, sparkling water, cake and nibbles 
☆ Lucky door prizes

☆ Favourite beverage
☆ Feel free to bring a plate to share

Milonga $15
Workshop $25 - includes free entry to Milonga
Free entry for your non-dancing friends - an opportunity for them to discover what social tango dancing is all about!

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north sydney bondi glebe tango lessons studios classes
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north sydney bondi glebe tango lessons classes studio
more pics from our Learner's Milonga 4.11.17

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