L3 Sep - Oct 2019

The theme for this term is Introduction to Vals and Milonga

Week 2 Starting September 9

We continued with Vals (Part 2)

We reviewed Giro to the Right from Cross System and Parallel Cross - noticing the difference between dancing to Vals and Tango.

The move introduced was Giro to the Left from Cross System Cross:

Week 1 Starting September 2
We started the term with the romantic Vals!

Vals is 3/4 timing - meaning only 3 beats to the bar.
We stepped to single time Vals - stepping only on the 1, and then double time - stepping on the 1 and 2 but not 3. 
It is also possible to do double time on the 3-1 and not step on 2 (but this takes more practice).

The double time in Vals feels faster than double time in Tango. It also feels more lilting and less regular / even than Tango.
The space after last double time step in Vals and next single time step feels longer than in Tango.

Songs for practicing
Go here for Sophia's Vals Spotify List
If you're not on Spotify go here for Youtube links of some good songs to practice to:

The following move was covered:
  • Cross System Cross Combination - Ending side step to the Right, change weight, Step back on the Left leg.
In this video Paul angles the combination: