How to make the most of lesson videos

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  1. Learn and memorise the follower's moves as well as yours. Notice how the follower reacts to the lead.
  2. The angle and direction of the torso is the most important part of the lead. The legs are the stabilisers and the propellors but they are only moving to take the torso and that of your partner's to another point in space.
  1. Do not memorise your step or that of your partner's. That may hinder rather than help your progress and that of your partner's. When you're in class you don't want to be thinking 'I have to step left, right, big step, little step' etc. Rather, you need to focus on synchronising with your partner so that you always step to balance with him. It's really as simple as that!
  2. When observing the videos notice how the follower is always stepping to balance. Notice how she reacts to the movement of the leader's torso to maintain balance with her axis and his.
  3. All you will need to learn for are a few basic codes of certain moves - principally the Crosses, Ochos and Giros. Don't worry about them till we come to them!
  4. Observe the posture and quality of movement of the follower, the timing (when the video has music).