Course Packages - Intermediate / Advanced

-Limited time offer -  Particularly designed for couples

★ Share one package with your partner - for up to two people.
★ Packages include weekly video lesson reviews and study notes.   

$600 (early bird $590)
Worth $690
Save up to $100!
 Two consecutive courses (14 lessons)
One hour of private coaching
$690 (early bird $680) 
Worth up to $820 
Save up to $140! 
 Two consecutive courses (14 lessons)
 Two hours of private coaching
$780  (early bird $770)  our best deal!
Worth up to $950
Save up to $180! 
Two consecutive courses (14 lessons)
Three hours of private coaching
For just $385 per person you each receive fourteen group lesson and share three hours of one: one private instruction. What you can learn from one private lesson is equivalent to at least 2 - 3 group lessons.

 Consecutive courses means no break between courses.
★ Private lessons must be completed within 2 months of course commencement.
★ For Early bird (full or 50% deposit) must be received one week before course                  commencement.
★ Your partner for private lessons needs to be the same person you registered with.