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From Terpsichoral Tangoaddict FB

Catherine Young I started to experiment with decorations (movements not led by my partner) when I felt...ready. I have found that for many followers, the desire to adorn arises from a sense of growing confidence in themselves as dancers. They have reached a certain point of stability with their movement and they want to expand their experience of the dance. When followers like this ask me about adornos, I recommend starting small - with toe taps, or with finding the different ways they can caress their partner's leg, for example. I stress to them that adornos need to be musically motivated and not just pasted on or as something that disrupts the flow of the dance. And eventually they find that the line between adorning and dancing becomes blurred - how they place their feet, how they sigh with their partners, how they fill the pause with something(it might be a movement, it might be an energetic stillness) - all of this becomes available to them. And then they start to understand that they can affct how the dance unfolds - they are given the moment to caress a leg at the end of a phrase, and how they choose to do that can set up how the leader responds and what he leads into the next phrase. But I caution the followers that ask me for coaching on adornos that there are leaders out there who do "freak out" when followers are more active in the dance. Sometimes those leaders are beginners and I urge them to be patient with the beginning leaders. But, for the LTB leaders, I say to the followers - dance your dance and if they don;t like it, it's up to you to decide if you want to dance with them again.