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It's worth doing your tango badly

Me: I'm afraid that my dance feels worse.
Him: Yeah. It does feel worse. That's good.
Me: That's good?!
Him: You've got to stop doing those habitual things you are comfortable doing and start doing the difficult things you've been avoiding because you aren't very good at them.

If something's worth doing, it's worth doing badly at first. As Gustavo Benzecry Sabá would say (if you speak Spanish, check out the wonderful pithy tango aphorisms he regularly posts on his Facebook page), in tango as in life.

Kalpana Peigne
 Just before I rise to a new level of awareness/ability my tango gets bad, all of it, not just the new stuff. At this time I feel awful for the leaders who dance with me because I know I'm uncomfortable and tense. But no good hiding away, I must get through it. And when I do, it's like I've entered the fields of Elysium! Pure exhilaration - what a roller-coaster of a ride