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Practice is not enough

Sharing this blog post by Joe Yang

"To become skilled at doing anything, simply putting in the time and effort to practice will yield results. But the same can be said of tasks that we don’t necessarily do for pleasure, such as our jobs, chores, and yard work.

If we dance tango the same way we go about our jobs and chores, we’ll increase technical proficiency and become competent dancers.

But being merely competent isn’t enough. Anyone can become a competent dancer. And with more practice, we can even achieve technical excellence.

Although it’s certainly not a bad thing, excellence isn’t enough, either.

There will come a moment in our tango when our gut instinct tells us to connect to the dance on a more organic, emotional level. This is a little uncomfortable at first because it requires us to confront mental blocks and to be more vulnerable in front of a crowd. Also, this urge almost always strikes us before we feel we’re “good enough.”

But when we feel that urge, we should embrace it and dive right in. Flip that emotional switch, even if it scares you.

Yes, everyone appreciates a technically proficient dancer. But nobody forgets one who dances with sincerity and heart."