Best parking in BJ

If at all possible come by train, as it avoids the issue of parking - especially if the milonga is on Saturday. Parking on Sundays is less restrictive.

The station is only 5 minute walk from Mill Hill Centre. Parking is metered (2 hours) all around the area, 

Street parking in Birrell Street (anywhere between Newland and Lawson Sts) and streets south of Birrell is for 2 hours -  but not metered. As it’s quite far from shopping area inspectors and no meters don’t seem to bother with that area. Have never been booked there but can’t guarantee it will never happen!

It’s an 8 - 10 minute walk from Mill Hill Centre, but well worth it, as you won't have to worry about paying the metre or moving the car. Who wants that distraction when they’re tango dancing and we walk a lot in tango anyway!