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Why Tango?

north sydney bondi tango lessons

Ever wanted to learn to dance but too afraid to admit it, or too shy to give it a go? The instructors at SoTango will have you dancing the spontaneous, romantic tango in no time. 

You don't need to worry about bringing a partner - there are plenty of people to dance with!

Even if you think you've got two left feet there's no need to hold back, as the teachers will have you moving in a way that you're comfortable with until you find your right feet. 

Tango does wonders for mind, body and soul and it will change your life!

The Benefits

    • Improve your confidence, presence and personal magnetism
    • Improve your posture and balance
    • Improve your connection with others.
    • Improve your focus and power of concentration
    • Exercise with a purpose - keep fit while enjoying so many other benefits
    • Meet new people through a fun and friendly activity 
    • Develop and nurture the creative and sensual aspects of yourself
    • Add an extra dimension of connection and sensuality to your relationship
    • Be intoxicated by some gloriously romantic and soulful music

What others say about Argentine tango...

"People who spend too much time staring at computer screens and talking on cell phones discover, through tango, the heady pleasures of physical reality. Suddenly, the body counts for something. And the isolation and distance built in to most forms of modern work disappear in a flash the minute a man steps forward to embrace a woman. With that embrace, the rest of the world falls away."  - Margaret Putnam, writer

"I believe that Tango has the potential to bring out the best in each of us, at least while in the embrace. We surrender our egos; leave prickly personality traits at the table; and cease to be CEOs, taxi drivers, engineers, unemployed. We replace all our externals with a purity of spirit, a generosity of kindness and splendid caring." - Johanna Siegmann, writer of 'Tao of Tango'

"Tango is much more than a dance. It's been called an elegant, passionate, sensuous interpretive art form disguised as a dance. When one really dances tango, one opens oneself up to very subtle movements of body and soul, totally immersed in the moment with a partner, which is as fleeting and glorious as life itself."  Wolfgang Sachse, Professor of Engineering , Cornell University

"It is often my experience that after dancing three or four rounds with a partner, even if she is someone I have never met before, I am transported into a profound state, that is at once euphoric and relaxed"  - Shastro Rodella, Composer and CEO, Calimba Records