8 Week Course Rates - North Sydney courses

These rates apply to all our levels: Beginners, Improvers, Intermediate and Advanced at North Sydney.

$140- Beginners course (7 lessons)

Benefits of prepaying: Not only do you save money, you also receive complimentary video lesson reviews of moves covered in your course. These are an amazing learning tool! 

Early Bird Rate
Take an extra $10 off the above rates if you pay at least 50% deposit one week before your course starts. The balance can be paid in cash at your first class:
$150 - Beginners course (6 lessons)
$310 - Beginners and Improvers course (12 lessons)

You can even bring a partner for FREE! (limited time offer)
  • This offer only applies if you are prepaying for our Beginner course or our Beginners and Improvers course combined.
  • Bookings of your complimentary partner must be made and confirmed with us in advance of the course.
  • This offer only applies if your partner is of the opposite role to you (meaning if you are a follower, you need to bring a leader and vice versa)
  • Course attendance is not transferable to another party.
  • The offer is not discountable due to missed classes, nor can the rate of missed classes be credited to other courses or private lessons.
Casual Rate
$25 per lesson - Available for Intermediate and Advanced classes only.

Multiple Lesson Rate
$22 per lesson - Available for Intermediate and Advanced classes only.

General Conditions

Course payments are transferable to other So Tango courses and private lessons but not refundable.
Please pay in cash at class or by fund transfer. We have no credit card facility.